You can add a special URL to a link so that it will dial the phone. The most important attribute of the element is the href attribute, which indicates the link's destination. While many modern mobile browsers automatically detect phone numbers and convert them to links, it’s a good idea to do this directly in your code.By manually tagging each phone number, you can ensure that phone numbers are alwaysenabled for click to call and that they will be styled to match your site.To mark a phone number as a link, use the tel: scheme. Much like adding a mailto: link around eMail addresses on a page, phone numbers are linked with a tel protocol:

To make a booking, call 317-456-2564 iPhones, Androids and other mobile devices will now recognize the phone number; engaging the link will initiate a phone call. CenturyLink phone service includes unlimited local calling, and unlimited nationwide calling can easily be added for an additional monthly charge. At the desk. 2. HTML5 includes protocols such as tel: and mailto: that browsers can use. Without a value, the browser will suggest a filename/extension, generated from various sources: 2.1.1. Use the link code shown below on your HTML webpages to make a phone number a clickable link that opens a dial dialog on smartphones and mobile devices, or prompts the screen to add the number to the smartphone address book. 3. Reply. Link your existing devices and enjoy all 50+ features. We Looked Hard, But There Really Are no Faults. T he tags used to produce links are the and . H owever, you might want one or more links to have different colors than the rest of the page. Adding a class gives us a hook, if needed, to add CSS: You have to link your Android Phone to your PC through the Your Phone app. To make telephone number clickable and to call the number from the link you use the tel: attribute with the number you want to dial. Chicago, IL, Information on our redesign services has been moved to, How to Create a Click to Call Link Using HTML and in WordPress, Using dashes, which is by far the most common mistake. Or if you're on your phone, send webpages straight to your PC. “Since said links don’t work on desktop browsers, it’s probably wise to create a JS snippet to replace spans with a given CSS class with phone links.” Ugh. --> T here are two methods for doing this:. Also use “title=” attribute for links ALWAYS. HTML Links : HOW TO MAKE A LINK. Telephone Number Detection