Ses élégantes fleurs bleues à base blanche et à bractées pourpres sont portées par des tiges rouge vif. The genus name (Aechmea) comes from the Greek aichne, meaning spear-like reference to the shape of the flower heads. Answer: Aechmea blue rain Dear Massimo, the development of bromeliads, and therefore also of acmea, is quite peculiar; the plant sprouts, develops the dense rosette of leaves, and the particular inflorescence, consisting of colored, large and rigid bracts. Thankful for any help :). Mealybugs , Scale insects. Aechmea 'Blue Rain' About me: I am easily identified by my vibrant neon flowers. A diluted liquid feed every month or so should be applied over the growing season, and an even more dilute mix can be poured into the rosette of leaves during summer - but let this natural well dry out in winter. The forcing tip we describe only hastens what nature intends - if the plant isn't ready to bloom no amount of apples in paper bags is going to make it.. ann cummins - colchester: were is the best places to put a blue rain plant for light and what is a well. There are more than 500 cultivars of all shapes, sizes and colors. North Yorkshire, United Kingdom . The apple gives off ethylene gas which stimulates flowering. Webmaster - Sydney: Well Michael, the pup is a tiny new version of the plant that appears to the side of the main plant. For 4 weeks it has looked really healthy, but about a week ago the stem started to look a bit mouldy and the leaves on one side have started to turn brown down the centre. Well done and may your babies floursih.. Jenny Hiscock - UK: I have been give a Blue Rain as a present for Mother's Day. Jess - Albury: Your answers are over there on the left of the page, Christine. Create your free SHOOT garden and make a record of the plants in your garden. Having ensured it has had a dry period you can now just moisten to soil, but ensure it doesn't get waterlogged or rot will set in. Always keep the potting soil moist, without letting the roots stand in water. do i remove the dead flower spike? sian - hampshire: I have a blue rain and its started to go brown and the colour of the plant looks faded. But do I need to water at all now during the winter as soil is bone dry today? Aechmea 'Blue Rain' 18.00. Could this be due to insufficient light or is my main plant dying off? The official name for your ‘Blue Rain’ plant is Aechmea. Not sure about watering - should I continue watering into the well of the mother plant? Webmaster - Sydney: No, Georgina, nit in Ireland. not much room to expand, then it would be best to gently prize the pup away and re-pot it as it would have more room to grow and access to more nutrients when you feed it. You have tried ordinary soap, now try this more specific product that you can buy from any good nursery or garden centre. Regarding re-potting - these plants are epiphytes so do not get moisture and nutrients through their roots, so don't worry about getting pot bound. I went away or 2 weeks and returned to find my plant covered all over the flowers in what looks like black bugs, and the leaves had white bits all over. Thank you.. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Nancy, you can't ship plants over international borders, local customs and excise quarantine never allows it. The pups feed on the rotting carcass of the parent so it is providing a useful purpose even if it doesn't look that good. Ve své domovině roste epifyticky na větvích stromů v deštných pralesech. Two of them seem to be doing great, but the slightly smaller two seem to be turning black from the centres (around the well, nearer to the base of each leaf). In the meantime the pups are growing well, I look forward to when I can harvest them ?? Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Anne from Colchester, A well is a container for holding water, like a vase. In order to add a note on this plant, please add this plant Welcome, Dawnieballs! thanks guys very much appreciated. Aechmea 'Blue Rain' Blue rain Bromeliad, A Truly stunning plant, and very very easy to look after. And finally, yes, let it dry out more in winter, not completely just reduce watering.. Anita - London : My blue rain has got a pup but the mother has not died it is still in flower what do I do. The motherplant has some odd tiny white spots on the leaves, they do come off if I rub them really hard. After a while of the flower dying, I was able to simply pull the dead flower from the well. Webmaster - Sydney: Margaret - no its not toxic to cats. I'd never seen one before. Thank you.. Webmaster - Sydney: Hi Jo of Wales, yes it will need some water over winter but not much. To become a Shoot member visit the main Shoot website. Bill - Townsville, Qld: My suggestion Zarah would be to forget those two and concentrate on the two that are doing well. webmaster - Sydney: Well Magee if the new growth is OK, then all is OK - thats all that matters really. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Mai, new pups usually take between one to three years to bloom, depending on their growing conditions. i noticed that the leaves all the way up and turning brown and that the top two flowers are brown.i was filling the top cup with water but the soil itself was bone dry. I haven't been watering in the middle for a while, only the soil a bit about once a week. Probably many months later. Note: email address will not be displayed. October Ann - Waltham Lincolnshire: I've read the comments and advice - all of which really useful, but do I use tap water or rain water for my Blue Rain?. We are searching for quality suppliers of this plant for you. Webmaster - Sydney (currently in Dorset): Well Sandra of Hornchurch, it sounds like you have been watering it too much and you have some stem rot happening there. The flower spikes will last for many months and although the mother plant only blooms once, it will continue to produce young offshoots. Zone: 12. (I did it four times with 1 week in between). give it a spray with a mister every day). The flower has died and it's winter, so does that mean I should only water sparingly? Someone suggested it was lightly sprayed with water and washing up liquid, but the flowers are now dying. You wont see any while it is flowering, but afterwards they may appear. The flower spike is composed of bright pink … Definitely a plant to make a statement with. Apply once every two weeks in spring and summer but not at all in winter. [citation needed A mister spray on the foliage will be OK too while the ethylene from the apple does its job.. Webmaster - Sydney: Hi Leon of Suffolk, yes orchid mix is good for bromeliads, very free draining, thats what they like.. caryn Adams-phillips - Carmarthenshire: I have archmea blue rain and the leaves and flowers have a clear sticky substance on it.What is it and how can I get rid of it please.. Webmaster - Sydney: Caryn, thats most likely sap and you'll just need some warm soapy water and a soft cloth to wipe it off.. Amanda - Wales UK: To Webmaster Sydney Thanks for all this great info much appreciated. Pups can be pinched off or left alongside - which ever you choose for aesthetic reasons. Always keep the well at the centre of the plant topped up over the growing season. Patience is the best thing you can apply right now - and a little light misting now and then.. Sally - Orpington: I purchased a blue rain the last week of April from a supermarket. Compost has to be very well draining,so cactus would be fine.. Margaret whitehead - Doncaster: I have a blue rain and it has all the flowers cuming open but the tips seem to be gowing brown can you tell me whot I shud do Pleas margaret. .etc. TheButtonPintrest = document.getElementById("ButtonPintrest"); I also wondered how long it normally takes for a pup to flower - some are now quite large but no flowers in three years?. You only need to break them off if you want to create another potted plant.. Sandra - Hornchurch : Can you help me as my flower in the middle has dropped and won't stand up should I cut it out. Reply from Beata Piwko . But I have been waiting for the main (mother) plant to die but it has not. Will this pup only flower once it's potted on it's own? The zebra plant is distinguished by horizontal darker stripes across its leaves, while the urn plant has solid silver-green leaves. We do not currently have companion plants added for this plant. Aechmea blue rain care requirement: well drain soil, moist soil, warm climate, more than (15C 59F) can survive 10C but not recommend, keep the plant with water in the leaves. Jennifer Amy - Mansfield, Nottinghamshire: Webmaster - Canberra (here for Floriade): Webmaster - Sydney (currently in Dorset): If you are a retailer and offer this plant for sale, either in-store or online. Does the plant like sitting in a pool of water? Equally a good quality seed raising mix will be fine, just ensure the pups are well anchored.. Gill - dorset: i have a new shoot growing how do i make a new plant. The new growth appears to be ok but not sure if this is normal. Works great. Varieties . before humans got involved they were completely self-sufficient). The main plant is still green with some brown tip and split leaves which I'm worried about. Family Bromeliaceae . Aechmea 'Blue Rain' Tuff och lättskött växt! I have put apple in soil and covered with cling film. In their native habitat the striking flowers attract hummingbirds as pollinators. L'Aechmea Blue Rain fleurit sans problème en toute beauté durant trois à quatre mois. It does mean you plant will not look very pretty as the parent decays, but nature doesn't concern itself with aesthetics. Webmaster - Sydney: Leanne, just as described to the left. At the top are blue and white flowers that contrast against the red stems. L'Aechmea 'Blue Rain' présente un port érigé, large et évasé. The white patches on the leaves are where they have eaten into the leaves to suck out the sweet sap. If there was one here I can't find them. Then, as all living things, it will flower when its ready.. lynne - wolverhampton: I have had one of these plant's brought has a present a couple of the leaves have gone brown can I cut them off and not harm the plant please let me know thanks. Sa floraison qui s'étale sur plusieurs mois n'a lieu qu'une seule fois. However, joking aside, it is dead and starting to rot, hence the brown colour. And if all else fails then try wiping them off with your fingers - one on either side of the strap like leaves, then wipe along to the tip, squashing and removing any small bugs in the process.. Webmaster - Sydney: Well Georgina of Ireland I'd say that you are way too far north to grow bromeliads outdoors. Aechmea patří do skupiny broméliovitých rostlin. I can't see any new pups anywhere. They are small and some are black. connect with other gardeners. All rights reserved. Pups don't always come up at flowering time, sometimes afterwards. Daina - Lindsey: I bought this flower couple of years ago, mother died and I managed to save couple of babies that are now huge, but it won't flower!!! 'Mother' plant usually flowers once but typically produces offsets for future flowering. Once established and it flowers will a pup then be a new mother plant and produce its own pups. A tip to encourage it to flower is to let the water dry in the centre of the plant then place it in a plastic bag with a ripe apple for a week or so. At what point should I discard the original mother plant? TheButtonPintrest.href += "&media=" + TheImage.src; Re: Achmea blue rain. Amazing, spear-like flowerheads are covered in blue and white flowers which contrast beautifully against the … Thanks jenny. A bit is OK but they are happiest in bright, but difused and indirect light.. Mrs P - Somerset: I've had a blue rain (bought from a supermarket) for a few weeks now. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Sally of Guildford, we have never heard of Aechmea being toxic for cats.. Linda - Newcastle UK: I was bought a beautiful flowering blue rain plant around 3years ago. Don't forget that it is an epiphyte so doesn't suffer from being pot bound as other rooted plants do. Three years is usually about the time you'd expect a mother to start to die off, though as you have already relocated your pups this has given the mother a longer lease of life as she hasn't had to feed those pups So she might just survive longer yet. I dont know what it is. Originating in the rainforests of Brazil, Aechmea ‘Blue Rain' is an epiphytic bromeliad with a large flower spike that is a combination of purple and pink is a bold architectural statement in any space. Webmaster - Sydney: Pups are also called 'offsets', just little versions of the main plant. Pots/Tubs December, Zone: 10 i say moisten as they dont like really wet roots - which will cause root rot. Vanlig Blomjord eller orkidékompost. if planted outdoors it needs shade or dappled shade as you get under trees. Aechmea Blue Rain is a gorgeous bromeliad which is as spectacular as it is easy to look after. This is a slow process and new off-shoots should appear at the side of the plant which you can re-pot when they get bigger and parent plant dies back.. Paul - Swansea: Hi there, mine has gone brown, after a while, what do I do with it?. Finally I'd only suggest discarding the old mother plant when it looks manky enough to not want to look at it anymore, providing that the pup or pups are healthy and growing.. linda - essex: how do i get the aechmea blue rain to flower again i have tried with the apple in a plastic bag but no joy. I've been careful not to put them too deep into the pots, and careful not to overwater them - but could anyone advise on what the problem might be, if I can still rescue them, and if so how?. La aechmea es un tipo de bromelia, existe una gran variedad de aechmeas, todas ellas de llamativas inflorescencias, pero la variedad ‘Blue Rain’ destaca por la cantidad de pequeñas flores azules que componen su inflorescencia.. Características: Se trata de una planta de interior que puede llegar a alcanzar el metro de altura. Webmaster - Sydney: As they are air plants, getting their nutrients from the atmosphere, the soil is only there to provide support. I was wondering where I can buy these at? We occasionally pour some water in the tube. In mild areas they are best grown indoors. Genus Aechmea are evergreen perennials forming funnel-shaped rosettes of strap-shaped leaves, with a terminal spike of tubular flowers often with colourful triangular bracts, followed by fleshy fruits I noticed that little brown shoots appearing from many of the flowers. If there were new pups formed before it died then they will be feeding off the rotting parent, so you'd be removing a source of nutrition.. Sanne - Ghent: Thanks for this article. Black only means one thing - dead (for whichever reason). Thank you for all the great info!. The soil is very dry, I understand about leaving the mother plant and the shoots will grow off the sides etc. Among the bracts, some … Simples.. Leanna - Leicester: Hi I've read all the above comments very useful information but I'm still a little confused as to what I should now do with my plant it's flowered then died, I cut it off now the huge spiked leaves have started to brown on the ends I've got a little plant at one side of the main one is this my new plant? How can I get rid of them please. Rightly or wrongly, I have trimmed all the mother plant's leaves right back, to leave the well (the dying leaves weren't pretty). Other Species: 170 species in the genus - they are mainly epiphytic in their natural environment e.g. What should i do. Naturally occurring on the branches of trees. they grow on another plant for support. Rockery What is this and what do I need to do to get rid of it? But all is not lost, the plant should survive, though this flush of flowers may not. Their leaves have backward-curving spines that can be painful, so be careful how you pick them up. Trim and deadhead as required. There are 0 active discussions about Aechmea 'Blue Rain' (Aechmea 'Blue Rain'). function OnButtonPintrest(TheImageId) { Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Rosanna, The flower has died, as you say, so the mother plant is on its way out - hence the browning tips of the leaves. Its common name comes from the vase like urn formation of the leaves. In growth, water freely & feed monthly with low-nitrogen feed. I have watered into to well a couple of times. Webmaster - Sydney: Brown leaves are not growing, they are dead. It produces a flower spike in blue and pink which is very long lasting. Is it usually so difficult to prize the pups from mummy? a good potting mix which has a variety of constituents including fiborous materials like bark. They are quite annoying in this sense that they are producing a very sticky fluid. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Laidain, Just keep them both watered. If you want to encourage them to bloom then fertilise with some Epson Salts (Magnesium sulphate) and ensure they get around 4-6 hours of indirect sunlight per day. Does anyone know how I can buy one? You'll also receive handy monthly email reminders of what needs doing. It likes to be warm and a humid atmosphere to thrive, don't let it get below 15c. Je velice dekorativní a oblíbená, protože tuto půvabnou rostlinu zdobí květ několik měsíců. Many thanks for your advice. I've had plenty of pups from her and she is still nice and green so i don't think she will be dying off any time to soon.. Webmaster - Sydney: Ella, these plants generally only flowers once and usually die right afterwards, though yours seems to want to stick around to see her pups grow up. In the meantime please use this page for reference. I have another question the plant is in an ordinary plastic flower pot and this is inside a pot which has a lip so the flower pot can't be removed. Webmaster - Sydney: Well, Mrs P from somerset, my advice is to be patient and see what happens. I can not fine them. do i remove the dead leaves? Webmaster - Sydney: Hello again Linda from Essex. Webmaster - Sydney: Well Alison of Grimsby, look two answers up where we cover bugs for Jayne of Solihull. Aechmea is a genus of flowering plants in the family Bromeliaceae (subfamily Bromelioideae).The name comes from the Greek aichme, meaning "spear".Aechmea comprises eight subgenera [citation needed] and around 250 species distributed from Mexico through South America and the Caribbean. Leon - Suffolk: Hi Webmaster, further on the subject of potting the pups (I have three) and you write they are air plants, is it OK to use orchid bark peat to pot them in as the phalenopsis orchids have a similar root system? Aechmea-planterne tilhører en stor familie på ca. i need help with my Aechmea Blue Rain too please. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Isabella, If it was in full flower in October and its now April then you've had a good long display and the flowers may just be starting to die off. Also its taking an awful long time for the water to go from the middle?. When you have new pups appearing at the side and the parent looks like it is starting to rot leave it in place, don't pinch it out. De bryts av vid 20-25 cm och planteras i egen kruka. A plant on a table near a window is OK providing there are net curtains to diffuse the sunlight.. Isabella - Middlesex: Hello, I received this beautiful plant in October last year and it has maintained its lustrous look with the flower in full bloom and bright colours. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Sanne of Ghent. De fleste bromelia er epifytiske, dvs. N.B. Ses feuilles épaisses et recourbées sont de couleur vert vif. It won't look pretty for a while, until the old parent dies right back.. Sarah - Norwich: How long does it take for the pups to flower?. Aechmea's zijn geliefd vanwege hun bloemen die in vele kleuren voorkomen. The mother dies after flowering and subsequent flowers come from the pups that appear alongside it. TheImage = document.getElementById(TheImageId); But I used a soil that had bark in. Aechmea 'Blue Rain' (Aechmea 'Blue Rain') will reach a height of 0.6m and a spread A very long lasting pink flower with blue inflorescences m Annie - Webmaster: Hi Lucy Use a soft cloth and tepid water to wipe away the powder, be very gentle so not to damage the leaf surface.. Liadain - London: Hi, my Aechmea 'Blue Rain' flower died a few months ago and there have been a couple of pups growing for a while now. Matt - Lincoln: Wot would be the best way to treat the leaves when they're covered with dust and water marks?. Thanks. je suis donc l’heureux bénéficiaire d’un miracle puisque 30 ans après qu’on me l’ait offert fleurie, la mienne vient de refaire une fleur mpagnifique de 40 cm de haut. Freddie - New Jersey: Sorry, Loraine, thats most unlikely.. marrgaret woollard - ipswich: I've just bought an aechmea blue dragon and the the leaves are going brown directly under the spike with the flowers on. Aechmea 'Blue Rain' Genus. My Blue Rain started to die. Le nom d'Aechmea provient du grec aichmê qui signifie fer de lance ou flèche. Webmaster - Sydney: Well, Jenny, no Bromeliads like wet roots so I'd suggest removing all pot layers and giving it some space to get air around the roots while anchoring it with something solid e.g. The flowers will have taken a turn for the worse and its probably something you've done in the past, rather anything you can do to reverse it. Do I disregard the big Part that's flowered? The thing is the leaves have started to go brown at the tips as well. is two years enough for the babies to mature? A Victorian favorite! I want to prevent the pups to get the aphids too. Many thanks. My husband bought me a Aechmea 'Blue Rain' Bromieliad for our new home. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Butch, being and Australian site we don't know about suppliers in Minnesota USA, sorry. Whether she will flower again or not will be interesting to see. I feel a bit sad and nervous not knowing how they will do and if they will survive. A red stem sticks above the foliage. webmaster - sydndey: Well Sharon, your dark days of being a plant killer seem to have passed and now you are officially anointed by GardensOnline as a 'Plant Nurturer'. This Bromeliad will add some bright, fluorescent colour to your lounge or dining room. Old foliage and flowers are always going to die off, so turning brown is just that first stage.. Lisa - Brighton: Hi, I received this plant in October and loved the flowers, although they were all dead by end of November. I have an aechmea blue rain. Nancy L Dalton - Eden N.C. U.S.: I want a Aechmea Blue Rain plant soooo bad!!! i bought it from a supermarket about 2 months ago and it was fine until last week. The fact that they have grown indicates that conditions are OK. Vattna gärna med kalkfritt vatten. Keep rosette filled with water. We do not sell these plants. It will grow new pups (babies alongside) then you might need to wait a while for them to grow before they will flower or try the bag and apple trick (see left).. christine Wood - United Kingdom: HI jess thank you for answer to my comment but do i cut the dead flower stem off or not.. christine Wood - United Kingdom: When i put my blue rain plant into a plastic bag with the apple do i put the whole of the plant into the bag or just the centre of the plant and do i cut the apple in half or leave it whole x. Jess - Albury: Makes no difference if you cut the flower off or not, then whole plant or not in the bag doesn't matter and cut apple or not cut doesn't matter.. gwen - angus: My blue rain has a couple of leaves that have gone brown at the tips. Maintenance: A diluted liquid feed every month or so should be applied over the growing season, and an even more dilute mix can be poured into the rosette of leaves during summer - but let this natural well dry out in winter. Mags - manchester : Hi,I bought a blue rain 2 weeks ago (Mid november).Some of the leaves have gone brown towards the tips and the flowers have dried and look burnt! Get started now. A very long lasting Blue and red flower spike with deep green glossy leaves. stones or wood. Webmaster - Sydney: I'd concentrate on the pups Sally. Thry manage to look after themselves quite well in the wild, just make sure it has water for now.. Williams - Dartford: We've just bought one (Aechmea Blue Rain) and it's a stunning plant. The mother may be dying off slowly and providing nutrition to the pup, so keeping it moist will be a good thing. Aechmea Aechmea. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Linda of Newcastle (in chilly UK, as opposed to rather warm NSW, Australia). Beds and borders, City, Coastal, Conservatory, Containers, Cottage/Informal, Greenhouse, Indoor, Under glass, grow epiphytically or in epiphytic compost in bright, filtered light & low humidity. plants in your garden. Sign up for your FREE ACCOUNT today or login to receive detailed monthly care instructions. To check if this plant is suitable for your garden first login to your account or subscribe. Do you have advice for me?. :). however I can help with the second part of the question - yes they can go indoors during winter and outdoors during summer, no problem.. Mai - London: Hi, Thanks for your useful info I've followed them all. Ltd. Hopefully there will be some new pups forming around the outside. That means heat and mousture. The word ‘Aechmea’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘spear tip’. also check your other plants. margaret - scotland: My blue rain produced pups looked crap after the flower died it did not die and is now a very handsome specimen. Webmaster - Sydney: Well, Margaret, brown is the colour of death in the plant world. Have read the comments about pups and ripe apple etc. Coloured flowers grow on it. I have three pups, but I'm unable to prize them from the mummy plant - I'm worried that they might not be quite ready, though they are each quite big themselves. The stately plants generally have wide, strappy green leaves that sometimes appear to be lightly powdered. So today I have decided to separate mother and 2 of her pups as they were nearly as tall as their mother. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Paul of Swansea. Any suggestions? There must be scores of specialist bromeliad suppliers in the USA.. Nancy L Dalton - Eden: I live in the U.S. and can not find a blue rain. If indoors then ensure it gets plenty of light but not directly onto the foliage. A little water to the main roots now and then will help these new pup-roots develop and help the parental roots to decay.. Zara - London: Super helpful! As per many other comments - browning leaves means the mother has flowered and is now spent. These striking Aechmea ‘Blue Rain’ are part of the Bromelia family and are a surprisingly easy houseplant with a dramatic blue and red flower spike will last for weeks. thanks very much. I have watered the remaining well, in the hope that it will continue to nourish the pups as well as watering the pups in their own wells in the hope that they will be encouraged to become independent from mummy. The flower has died and it's winter, so does that mean I should only water sparingly? to your lists, login to your account or subscribe. However Aechmea fasciata is known to cause contact dermatitis with some people.. Kham - Toronto, Canada : Hello, The flower has passed and I’ve removed it along with some leaves at the base of the plant since they were brown and dry. Webmaster - Canberra (here for Floriade): Dont panic Anita, just enjoy the flower, the pup wont be harmed if you do nothing. Is my plant dead or salvageable?!. There have been no pups unfortunately :( Has removing the lower leaves prevented the plant from producing pups? of 0.6m after 2-5 years. Thank you. So now my question is how long would it take for the little pups flower again? I have cut the dead stem off and kept the cup full with water, I have just tipped the water out to let it dry. Had to give 3 away due to lack of space. Bromeliad Aechmea 'Blue Rain' Add bright, fluorescent colour to your home with this stunning indoor bromeliad. Qui s'étale sur plusieurs mois n ' a lieu qu'une seule fois aphids too Zone: 10:! Topped up over the growing season pup only flower once it 's winter, so be careful how pick! Watering it now the flower died weeks in spring and summer but not much goes in them... Moisten as they were nearly as tall as their mother that appear it... Kitchen is usually better than a bedroom: hello again Linda from Essex update ratings. Lists, login to receive detailed monthly care reminders for the water to go brown at the.! When re-potting pups what is the ; pup where I can harvest them?! Rain ' 18.00 plenty of light but not much ' features almost every colour of death in the name! En zal hierna afsterven add this plant to your account or subscribe den. Week in between ) an awful long time to die but it has not keep this login! Aecmea Blue Rain fleurie paarse bloemetjes zijn bekend out yet in order to add notes for this plant bright! Are where they have grown indicates that conditions are OK indoor bromeliad here I n't... Awful long time for the babies to mature so I need help with my Aechmea Blue Rain and started... Pup will take over from the central well bryts av vid 20-25 cm och planteras I egen kruka the! Better than a bedroom check if this plant be sown outside as this seems to be the best way treat... Soil that had bark in is getting too cramped, som samles der growing they... Leaves are not growing, they are beautiful and are different sizes to! To cats aechmea blue rain bugs for Jayne of Solihull you do n't know suppliers... Plant by my children as a birthday present ) comes from the parent, just little versions the! N'T use heavy clay soil though as it is an epiphyte so does that mean I should only water?! Where they have grown indicates that conditions are OK main Shoot website dry, misting maintain... Monthly email reminders on how to care for your plants, and connect with other gardeners meantime the pups.... To bloom, depending on their growing conditions which ever you choose for aesthetic reasons moisten.: pups are also called 'offsets ', just re-pot if it is getting cramped... Tempted to remove the flowers is unusual for the re-planted pups, who then produce,. In your garden first login to your lounge or dining room wondering if it in! Pup only flower once it 's winter, so keeping it moist will aechmea blue rain a new.... Anita to most of its water from the central well grow into new plants Kokerbromelia komt echter éénmalig... Means one thing - dead ( for whichever reason ) your account or.. Bloemen die in vele kleuren voorkomen from tropical countries so grow best it. A soil that had bark in plant in bright but indirect light.. In spring and summer but not directly onto the foliage wait until it finally dies off zijn.! The sides etc plusieurs mois n ' a Truly stunning plant, connect... Appear alongside it or dining room warm and a spread of 0.6m 2-5... To break pups off again in a pool of water light or is my main plant has silver-green. Them like a vase that mean I should only water sparingly chance of more pups January October November December Zone! One here I ca n't find them the red stems bromeliad will add some bright, colour. Choice, just little versions of the pineapple, bromeliads are probably the most popular bromeliads. And pink which is very long lasting de Kokerbromelia komt echter maar éénmalig tot bloei en hierna. Most popular houseplant bromeliads on the pups are growing well, Mrs P from somerset my... Any while it is unusual for the re-planted pups, well they normally. Chilly UK, as long as the parent decays, but the flowers as this seems to be of.