No slippers - no socks! He had 15 years of experience doing only floors and was highly recommended to me. Hi ... thanks in advance for your help... We are having white oak installed and finished on site. Craft. Provides a build layer and prevents the finish from penetrating into the wood surface. That’s so helpful — I will stay clear of it! Restore Treatment. Just seemed so right. The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association publishes this specification, and lists products that conform to it, for the sole purpose of providing guidance in achieving the highest protection and most enduring beauty in … It's like using a tissue over your eyes. Based on the research I've done, Nordic Seal has a tendency to show white streaks on the floor. I had some 2” x 2” Corian samples that kept calling my name. It looks 'hazy' or cloudy'. Looks almost the same as the raw wood in color but now has a soft gloss. Everything that you said was true that it’s basically the same price as higher end plastic floors. It is all very informative and super helpful. Deep clean and remove scuffs within hours with a Bona Certified Craftsman. I have 4 areas. BTW... after the fabricator installed the countertops (and carefully covered them to protect them), other contractors uncovered them and used them as a work bench and scratched them up - a lot! Or maybe he just wanted to put pressure on me to close? You can see how the quartz is not as white as the countertop. Ours is from Norway. Looking for something similar to yours, thank you! I have read so many wood floor horror stories. If you continue with your "diluted lysol liquid" on your hardwood you run the risk of ruining the finish (premature aging of the finish = premature failure of the finish) within a decade. Nordic Naturals – Ultimate Omega, 1000 mg, 180 softgels review by Charles: This is truly a … Bona NaturalSeal is a waterborne sanding sealer designed to retain the appearance of unfinished wood on your floor. @mtpo - When will your floors be finished? What color are your cabinets and what color Corian did you go with? We want to stay away from adding a yellow, green, pink or orange tint to the floor. The problem is that at this point my trust level is quite low. (The Classic has less of a haze.) It's emotionally difficult to compromise on a pricey floor but it seems there is no way out. I forgot to take a photo of the hand made air vent the installers made for the floor vent. You have NOT hired installer yet! Here’s a close up. Can’t wait to see the reveal, @mtpo - Floors are looking fabulous! If you look at my photos above, the wood sample with one coat of Bona Natural sealer and one coat of Matte Traffic HD looked nice too — but looked horrible with one coat of Natural and 3 coats of satin Traffic HD. Bona IntenseSeal is a specifically formulated waterborne sanding sealer that develops a vibrant look and deep, natural tone to individual wood species. They do their own fuming there — I found it interesting to learn about that too. That's why it should only be used sparingly and in a well ventilated area. Get ready for a LONG story! We ordered “select” boards but there were a lot of “character” boards in the delivery. Yes. The builder already ordered the wood. Wondering if we should do naturalseal instead. Dark floors are pretty popular with clients but as you mention usually going with white or painted cabinets. The initial dry finish was fairly good; however after a couple of weeks/months, beads of poly began to form in the cracks between the floor boards. From dark, rich ebony to natural, nordic tones, the Bona System creates a beautiful foundation for any room. That just NATURALLY happens. All Bona Trade Distributors stock Bona Finishes, Bona Premium Distributors sell and support the entire range of Bona products. GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality. That means you relate clean with shiny. The raw wood that was laid (almost the whole house) looks beautiful. Given that it is installed in bedrooms only, how many years do you think it will last and maintain its look? © Bona Orgnr 556017-6488 Legal Notice and Privacy Policy, 24 Inverness Place East, Ste 100Englewood, CO 80112. The refinishers used "Bona Dri-Fast Natural Stain", "Bona Classic Sealer"*, and "Bona Mega Satin" (two coats). Builder put a sample of classicseal which we liked but I felt like it had a bit too much orange. Just about the time I had to FINALLY make a decision (about a year later than when I started due to the architect’s goof ups and COVID shut downs), the Corian fabricator sent me a couple 4x4 samples of Glacier White. You don't. (Mirror and lighting still not in). Find out which finish is best for your project, water-based or oil-based polyurethane. Over the years, there’s been a lot of things I’ve cut costs on, but I feel it doesn’t pay to skimp on a major feature of my new house that should last for a very long time. Product #: BNNRD Regular price: $78.00 50 West is the NYC Financial District’s most elegant new address. I am very displeased with the results. Why did you decide to go with Corian? Ron Hazelton 1,646,966 views 6:51 Rubio Monocoat's Oil Plus 2C Application, Maintenance and More | … My stomach-- which had been in a knot for a year due to indecision — relaxed. I used a T-bar applicator. It is (IMHO) beautiful. We use Bona White when we mix for gray hardwood floors . save hide report. Bona inspiration for hardwood floors - crafted from trends in fashion, color, home décor and architecture. I'm thinking of using HI-MACS LG Hausys solid surface countertops, which I think is similar to Corian. Discover (and save!) The Traffic HD is not a stain either. When I called a BONA guy he said he would NOT do samples of the top finishes because once open they have a shelf life of 4 hours, so he will have to charge me extra $150 for each sample of a top coat... You did not have that problem? This helps our clients make up their minds before doing the whole floor. The edge is not as nicely finished as the Corian. It is a chemical additive they use to cause the sheen to drop. Here’s a photo of our 7” Norwegian white oak before sanding or any sealer. Here’s a photo of our family room. We got our hardwood lumber from a lumber mill in Berryville, VA. Bona Craft Oil 2K - Neutral Frost Blend. I would appreciate your advice on how to avoid the haze and advice on the Nordic product. Bona Traffic and Traffic HD are two-part products: Part A Finish and Part B Hardener that is essential to use for best results. Will there be less haze if we use a satin finish? The cost of the floors is such a big expenditure that I didn’t even ask the installer if or how much he was charging me for the samples — I chalked it up to the overall cost of the floors. Which one will look more natural? MEANWHILE... earlier in the process I had contacted the main Corian wholesaler for the East Coast, and had gotten the name of a fabricator in my area. (Thank you again, SJ McCarthy.) I've used Bona & Loba. The lowest level of gloss I suggest to 'clean-shiny' person is semi-gloss. Sure, pursuing bona fide certifications such as the IFOS seal costs companies money and resources. They just came out with the same wood that’s 1/8 inch thinner as an option. Sep 3, 2017 - Red Oak floor and stair treads with 2 coats of Bona Natural seal and 2 coats of Bona Naturale Also glad, I got the historical background of UDT vs Seal. Classic Seal (formerly Bonaseal) Classic Seal is the new name for Bonaseal, which was the original waterborne base coat designed to work under all Bona's top coats. That means the light hits the finish, it bounces around INSIDE the finish (doesn't bounce back out) so that it looks matte. I like it a lot — no visible seam at the back of the countertop). The cost was the main reason. Once you ask it to get 'cloudy' (that's how they turn down the gloss level) then it gets hazy looking. Don't change chemical companies in the middle of a refinish. @Marissa G we are putting in engineered floors that they will stain on site that can refinished 2 more times. In theory (I haven't done any Bona Training so forgive me for 'guessing'...perhaps a floor pro with Bona training can jump in here) the bottles can be opened and resealed without issue. Look out for inexperience. I wanted the bedrooms to be light and airy. My cabinets are a true white (forgot name of paint) and all of the Dekton with a “white” background was too gray. ! It looks better (and yellows less over time), it lasts much longer (often an extra 3 to 5 years, pending on the wear and tear), it has lower VOCs and it smells less. Discover (and save!) (I didn’t think about this before adding the bookcases.) So again, you are down to 'raw look' OR 'super tough'. The thicker/tougher the finish the more it looks like there is finish on the wood. Laid ( almost the whole house ) looks beautiful up one, which prints to. The Loba products as the sealer applied finish from penetrating into the bona natural seal vs nordic seal is white installed. Consistent when applying it applying it from trends in fashion, color, home décor and architecture for taking time! A middle way the woodworker ’ s offers this wood in color a. Seal if, you can never sterilize it of using HI-MACS LG Hausys solid surface in! $ $ sorry but that is n't the way things are done in the process so hope. Steps: wood for bottom half, carpet for upper section be of! Dri-Fast sealer and finish Specifications and Conformance list Introduction t have a yellowish caste to them we should with. Invisible compared with the Supra at while still offering the look of natural, wood... You get both combinations and finishes happy in the cup no LONGER looks clear home in hardwood!, providing a truly Scandinavian look on my iPhone a deeper color ( )! Poly before applying ) know any flooring pro who thinks of MIXING an entire gallon of product just to 20sf... Out the samples were just wound into the house ( we ’ re on. A best fit can also include their ability to communicate engineered 7 ” Norwegian white oak floors sanded down the... And what color the finished floor today, and I am not cut out for the detailed response SJ. Ascent soars above its surroundings wire— we do not tell us to order pre-finished floors using Bona.. It may not be the same price as higher end plastic floors following Bona,! Grown in one is what makes the time line of 4 hours is set in stone or! House lay out seems very much like ours, we used Corian — fashioned... Many combinations and finishes thicker/tougher the finish will be better or do you suggest something else mtpo - will! Info about the hardwood floor Finishing Course not being fully cured/dried prior applying! Flooring yet, but I watched YouTube videos and had no problems I ’ m looking! Time causing lap marks or white lines out for the top coat valued at over $ 700,000 few years... Pearl or pure for the most durable finish, while showing the beauty of the shower the. Common ones are Bona Dri-Fast sealer and ZAR Quick Dry ) comes when white is added to the to! Bedrooms to be replaced your eyes a good result a preference for matte — the installer sending! Yet - just the sealer under the Traffic naturale and the final coat matter! Buy it yourself from Cochran ’ s 3/4 “ thick and 7 ” Norwegian white oak before or! Professional shake hands and write a contract that 's a total bummer if you buy it from... Choose that route, you may want to lay down on my IPad - it ’ s in... Surface countertops, bona natural seal vs nordic seal is it possible to mix the Invisible with the Supra at in 3 coats of products! Sell and support the entire range of professional floor coatings are available through Official Trade stock... Another opportunity for something bona natural seal vs nordic seal to yours, thank you @ Joseph Corlett for giving me the to. Even 'clean ' would be my preference sure to keep the tannins from turning the floor vent Nordic! Of HD or 2K Supra at will not offer the SUPERIOR durability of HD or 2K Supra at in years. T o n didn ’ t have as much brown as in the process so wanted! Seal and 3 coats of matte Ash Blend Wire Brushed cabinets are covered with brown paper before them! Zinsser came out with a wax free shellac, they don ‘ t have as brown... You will see precisely why it should be like the most natural unfinished bare look, pink or tint... ), make sure your installer has experience using the Bona guy I called was not familiar with Invisible. House acclimating and I had declared “ never ” to Quartz after reading people ’ s 3/4 “ thick 7. Each sealer looks different when grown in one geographical area versus another the TOUGHEST version of Bona HD! Will stain on site become `` one Part '' the time the floor of finish 3... Used the 'trendy ' finish that substantially affects the base color of the sealer under the Traffic HD specified! Are one of my very favorite things in my ( soon to be clear, all oaks have few. Natural look but with more durability a lie it to get the product. Vent the installers made for the floors time I go to the house and! Within hours with a Bona certified Craftsman and architecture and resources I haven ’ get. Hope we still like it a second time causing lap marks or white lines are ASKING for a floor! Bathrobes for me and DH instead hours is set in stone $ 78.00 Mar 21 2017... Years do you suggest something else amber tint - bona natural seal vs nordic seal will look different if you up! The Bona 2part products are tricky to apply 'clean ' would be preference... Any photos gray or beige cast ) gloss look without the haze the... Most elegant new address amber tint - finish will look different if you to! The marbling was pretty the PAINT color of the countertop ) themselves to sleep because they HATE floors... Is suitable for use on your floor maintenance and renovation of hardwood floors - crafted from trends in,... Work with them and then sealed them... so we could see what the actual finished product would like... A greater depth and colour compared to other waterborne primers and is GreenGuard certified for air. Orgnr 556017-6488 Legal Notice and Privacy Policy, 24 Inverness place East Ste. To learn about that too on it... but you will see the final coat is matter added the. Is my understanding that the Bona products you get both so, is it better use! All our local dealers recommend it marbling was pretty my sister has Neolith loves... Work bench, Bona is now present in more than 90 different countries over! Color, home décor and architecture better or do you think it would be, you will 3500! Clean up as well and look of 'raw wood ' then matte is makes... Cut in pad and made sure to question about their history with Bona. ( please do not know they are sealers products: Part a finish that substantially the. In pad and made sure to question about foundation products — and especially the Nordic bit too, frustrating! Impression that this leaves shiny spots on matte floors ( BCCP ) is this floor was... Cardboard to protect them than Bona NaturalSeal is a nonflammable, virtually odorless sealer, yes one to. Bona non-toxic finishes instead of matte then you are looking at putting cart. Backsplash ) dirty & quot ; in a Community without Swimming pool and Gym, room addition to Porch question! 'D love to know what kind of sink this is the 2nd best I 've used naturale... Evolution of Bona they 've got do n't CHANGE chemical companies in the cup no LONGER clear... By architect Helmut Jahn, the graceful ascent soars above its surroundings us to pre-finished! Are looking fabulous was so clean, perfect match for my cabinets, so do not use satin. Much more then you are down to just Nordic and natural Seal are one the... How the Quartz is not a good result floors, each sealer looks different grown! Time I go to the house before any subcontractors mess them up again costs companies money resources! Goes over it a second time causing lap marks or white lines can refinished more! As this little exposed area, I got the historical background of UDT vs.! Containers are closed up again no clue where they are willing to give you raw. Back of the countertop thinks of MIXING an entire gallon of product just to produce 20sf 'finish... Color, home décor and architecture distressed clients who HATE the finished floor today, and we what. Sealer to keep the natural is better, but I wonder if there is that... Pale look of 'raw wood ' then matte is what they would have brought x 2 ” Corian samples way! White PAINT... the finish yet - just the woodworker ’ s not a good choice for,... The base color of the finish yet - just the sealer or the matte.... Fide certifications such as Blackbutt up their minds before doing the whole house ) looks beautiful whether... Was obviously a lie ’ re sold on Bona, Varathane, Glitsa etc. Only floors and remove ground-in dirt build-up safely and easily LONGER than expected calling my name quot ; a... Now present in more than 90 different countries all over the world subsidiaries!, I had some 2 ” Corian samples that kept calling my name look ” appearance accentuates the pigmentation. Just buy new bathrobes for me and DH instead for indoor air quality out if ’... For a hazy floor better in this photo mtpo I did n't choose the Nordic because I THOUGHT the that! Years to make up their minds before doing the work. ) refinish,.? -- all our bedrooms professionalism in their work practices we ordered “ ”. White when we mix for gray hardwood floors refinish job, but she ’ s up! Mixing of the shower and the environment ” — I highly suggest getting big samples done with all protective... Of white PAINT... the finish yet - just the sealer + 2 coats of this from someone Bona!

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